Most carpets we sell here at Hook Carpets come in both 4m and 5m wide but a few brands we work closely offer even more options.

Abingdon flooring

Experts In made made carpets but who also offer a few great 80% wool twists. Abingdon offer the option of a 2.5m width which can be a huge benefit when planning your project and makes economical sense if you have a small room or small landing and stairs you need carpeting. 

Ulster Carpet

A traditional company from Ireland, Ulster go one better with their options . they offer all their Wilton and Tufted ranges in five colour matching widths 1m, 2m, 3m 4m and 5m. By having this flexibility it means that you could end up with fewer joins, less waste and can end up being better value for money.

Hugh Mackay

A British brand that has stood at the forefront of the carpet industry for over 100 years, they offer their Deco Stripes Collection and Durham Twist : Stripes in a 1m wide options mostly used for stairs or stair runners.

If your home project has a narrow or unusual shaped area then we will find the right carpet for you and help you save some pennies along the way.

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