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Real authentic wood flooring is becoming much more popular in households across the country. The clean lines available and uncluttered feeling offers a very contemporary look. Many are embossed and grooved to achieve the most realistic effect which can transform your home.

  • Much easier to clean

  • Embossed and grooved styles

  • Authentic appearance

  • Reduce dust and mites

At Hook Carpets Ltd, we also offer a wide range of high quality laminate flooring boards. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the benefits of wood flooring, laminate flooring and carpets.

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One alternative reason that many are switching to hard wood flooring throughout the home is because it aids their day to day health. Carpets tend to attract much more dust that wood flooring and can be more problematic for asthma sufferers.

Keep on top of dust with wood flooring

Real hardwood flooring logo light coloured floorboards in the hallway Golden coloured wooden floorboards in the kitchen, dark coloured floorboards in the living-room and light coloured laminate floorboards in the living-room